Are men the new women?

The Times on Saturday 7th March 2015 devoted their supplement to men, with the front cover raising the question “Are men the new women?”. Men are becoming increasingly more concerned about their health, or as GQ’s Jonathan Heaf wrote “vanity”. They want to stay attractive to women, to other men, their bosses and to the mirror! The percentage of men seeking a cosmetic solution to improve their looks has sharply increased in the last few years to double figures. Body contouring procedures has seen the biggest rise. In 2013 there was a 41% increase on the previous year. Men want to define their body shape, losing weight is important to them, but it is not discussed about as much as women’s weight and body image issues.

Women it seems are always on perpetual diets whilst men are told to lose weight, or simply cannot be bothered. This is not true, men are; and they get bothered by the increasing size of their paunches. They just don’t vocalise it as much as women. Daniel Finkelstein who is a political journalist recently lost 3 stone. As he put it, when it came to eating he was “like a sentence without a full stop”. His body or his engorged fat cells were not telling the brain when he was full up. The weight piled on, then it concerned him that his credibility was being judged because he was a “fat person”. He remarked; “A bit of me was infuriated by people thinking their waistline made them morally superior”. Are we a “fatist” society? We certainly are surrounded by perfect images of bare chested males, the likes of Poldark, and articles endorsing healthy living and eating, it does rev up the pressure.

Finkelstein went on to say that as a man he felt “entirely ridiculous talking to others” about his weight, admitting that he was worried about it, physically and mentally, but he knew he had to do something about it and no more ignoring the issue. Often men do nothing because they don’t know where to start. For Finkelstein he tackled his diet head on, it was a case of “I would just stop overeating”, and that is actually what he did. He cut his calories down to 1,300 a day, but the biggest clincher in helping him to clinch in his waist line was announcing to the world he was going on a diet, this gave him the commitment and the resolve, as men don’t like to fail. Men generally once they have reached the right psychological point to go on a diet are actually better than woman in achieving their weight loss goals.

At Compleet Aesthetics Body and Face Clinic we want to encourage men to feel comfortable enough to talk about their weight loss concerns, and for us to help ‘springboard’ their diet. Our Weight Loss Body Contouring Clinic has all the tools to get the excess pounds shifting and banish those exercise and diet resistant stubborn areas of unwanted body fat. Not all men are as focused as Finklestein nor find it that easy to lose weight, so we are here to help and support. Often it is a case of just getting started, putting the right psychological levers in place to achieve results. Our Verju laser can help immediately to reduce circumference inches and reprogramme fat cells to start behaving to tell the brain you have had enough to eat!

The health benefits for men in losing weight are well documented, but increased body confidence is often glossed over. Being able to take off your top when it is hot and not have to worry is well-being.

No more deliberating, cogitating and digesting book an appointment now.