Before and After Amazing CACI Results Taken in Clinic

One of our most successful 'pro-aging' treatments at Compleet Aesthetics Body and Face Clinic is CACI, which is our specialist micro-current facial toning system which uses tiny electrical pulses to firm and tone sagging facial muscles and smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works brilliantly around the eye to lift drooping eyelids and brows, and the appearance of 'bags'. We recently treated a gentleman with a full CACI non-surgical face lift treatment, and were very impressed with his results especially around the eye area that we wish to share his results with you, with his kind permission. You will observe that the top eye lid is lifted and is eye appears more open and brighter.

To achieve such good results we do advise a course of 10 treatments spread over 4-5 weeks to effectively 'train' lazy muscles, then have a prompting 'top-up' session every 4-6 weeks to remind the muscles to behave themselves.

If you would like to discuss having a CACI treatment please book a consultation with one of our helpful CACI therapists.